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  • Ways you can get Sexy Bikini Body

    Every girl dreams of sexy bikini body. It is a secret dream of every woman to obtain that slim and sexy figure. Adding to it, the fact is that it is highly difficult to obtain, unless you are very strict and determined to obtain it. We give you tips to obtain the sexy bikini body within few months or even days. However, it depends on many other factors.

    Sexy body

    • Setting a baseline: Check out your weight and set limits and targets to achieve them. There are many different exercises to achieve them, based on which part of body you want to focus and shape them.
    • Eat meals early: eat your meals early and at right time. Since, research suggests that eating heavy meal at the early hours of the day, helps you put down less weight than usual. Eating heavy meals at night time or after 4 pm, makes you bloated.
    • Stretch: Stretch is an excellent way to relax your muscles and tissues of the body. After a strenuous workout or running on treadmill people often forget to perform stretching workout. A five minute stretching workout will avoid days of pain and helps you to recover from injuries too.
    • Liquid diet: Liquid diet is very essential portion of your diet. Include juices, detox drinks and smoothies in your diet. This will keep your hunger pranks away and provide you with sufficient hunger pangs.
    • Brown is good: Opt to brown than white. Use brown bread instead of white bread, opt for brown sugar instead of white sugar, opting for brown rice instead or white rice.
    • Drinking coffee: Coffee is not just for waking your body in the morning. Research says that, caffeine can give you an extra jolt during your exercise and also protect you harmful effects of sun.