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  • Talk about sex with your kids when they reach the right age

    Talking to kids about sex can prove to be tough job for parents. But it needs to be done at the right time. Handling this issue in the wrong manner can bring a lot of embarrassment.

    Mother from South Carolina made it in the headlines during August 2014 when she called 911. She informed the operator that she needs help because her fifteen year old son was probably watching porn.

    On August 5th, Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office received a phone call from a woman. She told the operator that she was out of her home for some time. She came back, and her daughter turned on their TV set. The forty year old mother was surprised when she saw porn as soon as the TV was turned on. She quickly switched off the TV set and asked her two year old daughter to go to her room.

    Sex Technics

    This sounds unbelievable, but the mother called 911 and urged the police to register complaint against her own son for his abnormal behavior, as her two year old daughter was exposed to porn because of his act.

    Reports suggest the concerned mother works as real estate agent, and she urged police officers to take action against her son. But officers did not arrest her son for watching porn because he had not broken any of South Carolina’s laws to be arrested.

    Watching porn is absolutely normal for teenagers?

    Silicon Valley based famous sex therapist and psychotherapist Dr. Marty Klein interacted with journalists and shared his opinion about kids watching erotic videos. He suggests that most of the parents forget about their kid’s sexuality and simply ignore talking about sex when they are in the right age group.

    Dr. Klein believes that parents feel upset when they find their kids watching porn. However, they should also look at its positive side. Even kids have sex life.  He also pointed out that parents teach their kids about taking care of teeth, but they do not discuss anything about important aspect like sex.

    Doctor further pointed out that most of the parents hate the fact that their kids masturbate.  He believes that this is incorrect as there is no evidence that shows the bad effects of masturbation.

    Experts are divided about their opinion. Discussion over cup of tea can prove to be the best option. Father should explain everything about sex to boy (s), and advise them about safe sex as well as staying away from violent porn. Mother should explain sex related facts to daughter(s).